Who is your best friend?

This is easy to answer..It is your furry family member! Your best friend who has kept you company through these difficult times, who loves you unconditionally, who shows delight when you enter the room.

I have painted many paintings of love, commissioned by people who want to immortalize the pet that has brought them unadulterated Joy. The reaction to my work from all of my wonderful clients is breathtaking happiness and sometimes tears of joy!

Although it has been a challenge to create and promote my gallery work during this pandemic, I am sure most creative minds feel the same way. I have decided to put my talents to service in scheduling this time to concentrate only on the "Best Friend" commissions.

A dear friend of mine asked if I could paint a portrait of her life companion, her precious puppy Ruby. I was delighted and found the processes of painting this portrait so satisfying that it lifted my spirit as an artist. This is undoubtedly my path in service at this time. My friends reaction to the completed painting of Ruby and the reaction of her friends has been overwhelming. Can I say again..unadulterated Joy! It has brought her great joy and now proudly hangs in the main entrance of her home, immortalizing Ruby for all time.

The reactions that I am receiving from "Best Friends" commissions has motivated me to offer my service to other people who have a deep connection to their furry family members. I am confident in my uncanny ability to capture the unique characteristics and personalities of your "Best Friend" on canvas in oils and I would love to share this talent with all of you who are interested. The finished product, a personalized portrait of your life companion, is sure to bring happiness and joy into your home. I am pleased to now offer this service to the world for a limited window of time to a small group of people, as each protrait will take a significant amount of time and effort to complete.

Do you have a pet that brings a spark of joy to your life? Let me capture that spark on canvas!

Here is my latest "Best Friend" commission painting of Ruby.

Ruby 20x16 Oil on Canvas B.Léger

Ruby..20x16 Oil on canvas

Photo of Ruby

Photo of Ruby

Contact me for info and to book your commission: barbleger@comcast.net

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